Wingello State Forest

The large 1200+ ha forest is owned by the New South Wales Government and includes pine plantations, hardwood forest and native forests with stands of peppermint, manna gum and stringybarks. It is popular with mountain bike riders. The first radiata pines were planted in this area in Belanglo State Forest in 1919. Today there are around 3,500 hectares of commercial pine plantations in the southern highlands

What can you do in a State Forest?
Camping, picnicking and bushwalking are permitted in State Forests. Four-wheel driving and trail bike riding are permitted but only on formed roads. Driving off-road and unauthorized track construction is not permitted.

All vehicles and motorbikes must be registered and drivers / riders must be licenced. Access to State Forests is free for family groups and individuals. All organised events and activities must have a permit.


Wingello Mountain Bike Trails
These mountain bike trails are only for use by cyclists. Do not walk, ride motorbikes or horses on the marked mountain bike trails.

Sustainable Forest Management
State Forests in NSW provide timber, employment, habitat, clean air, water and a place to be. They are resilient, dynamic and evolving – an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. State Forests are managed to ensure a sustainable supply of timber today and into the future. Plantation and native forests make up the State Forest estate.

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